Get Sentinel free for one month

See for yourself why over 150 buildings and 90,000 people in New Zealand choose Sentinel as their earthquake response and resilience tool.

If you're a business in the Wellington or Canterbury regions, you can now subscribe to Sentinel and receive the first month’s service free. This offer applies to every new subscribed site, and includes:

  • Full Sentinel functionality
  • Access to the new Sentinel mobile app, which works on both Android and iOS smartphones
  • On-site training familiarisation
  • Hardware installation if applicable
  • Integration of Sentinel with your emergency response procedure
  • Minimum one earthquake test scenario
  • Unlimited technical support enquiries

Currently this offer only applies to buildings in the Wellington and Canterbury regions, but if you're located in another area of New Zealand and you're keen to learn more, let us know and we'll contact you asap to discuss how we can add you to Sentinel. 

What is Sentinel?

smartmockups_kb1hva0hSentinel is the right tool for any business that needs to better manage its exposure to earthquake risks, whether business interruption or material damage. For example:

  • Professional services – eliminate needless lost time and billable hours
  • Critical infrastructure – know with certainty you can maintain operations on your site
  • Property management – understand instantly where to prioritise your resources

Some of our customers

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