Protecting people and profit

A guide to making smart business decisions about your building in case of an earthquake

3d cover People and Profit eBook

What's included in this eBook?

  • The impact of the 2011 Canterbury quake and the threat of potential earthquakes in New Zealand
  • Developing an effective emergency response strategy
  • Steps that building owners and business owners need to take before and after quakes
  • Mitigating risks and protecting the safety of your employees
  • Developing a business continuity plan

When we think of the earthquakes New Zealand has endured, events focussed around Canterbury, Kaikoura and Wellington in the last decade are what comes to mind. But in fact, our country has always been prone to significant seismic activity.

They’ve happened before - they will happen again. We can’t stop them, but we can mitigate the damage they
cause by being as prepared as possible for them.

A major quake every seven years – is your business prepared?

As a New Zealand business owner, it's critical that you prepare your premises and office space for a potential quake. Download this guide to make sure you're following all the required steps to ensure your employees are protected and you're equipped to get everything back on track as quickly as possible.

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