Sign up for the Post-earthquake Situation Report

We can't prevent earthquakes, but we can be ready for them. Through Sentinel's technology we are able to send this free Post-earthquake Situation Report. This report helps you to understand what decisions should be made to protect people and minimise business interruptions in a sizeable earthquake.

This report will cover:

  • Shaking intensity by location
  • Effects on buildings
  • Shaking relative to 100% new building code
  • Shaking relative to 34% NBS (earthquake prone buildings)

The report will be sent within 24 hours of a significant earthquake event.

Sentinel's earthquake resilience technology provides property managers or building occupants with real time information to make the right calls to protect their people and their business continuity.

With Sentinel's technology, information to decide whether to stay in your building or evacuate is immediate. Sentinel sends your building status to your phone and tells you what to do: evacuate immediately, inspect for hazards, or carry on business as usual.
Monthly Subscription. No up-front cost. No installation. No maintenance. No hassle. No delay.

A look inside the updates you will receive:

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